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REOM SPb is a company engaged in supplies of electronic components  during more than 12 years. Our company is situated in Saint-Petersburg - in the northern capital of Russia. The North-West region of Russia  is a most dynamically developing region of our country and its industry includes a big number plants and companies - producers of radioelectronic devices and equipment.The company's customers are large industrial enterprises working in high priority manufacturing sectors, in developing and producing advanced technologies for application in highly specialized areas and in technically demanding conditions, for example, for aerospace, ship building, energy production etc.


      Main directions of our work are:
  •       Complex delivery of electronic components
  •       Taking a part in developing and producing of components
  •       Distribution of foreign producers of components
  •         Passive components delivery
  •       Transformers delivery
  •       Sensors for industrial automation
  •       Ceramic foils for thermal management

 As well as distributing domestically manufactured passives and sensors we can offer a long range of import components for various applications. Our top priority is a further strengthening of international sales. Inquiries from new component vendors are welcome!